Bronx (Rogue City) is an American Action, Crime TV Series. Bronx (Rogue City) is Release on 30 October 2020 (Netflix).

Bronx (Rogue City) is a Movie by Netflix. Main Star Cast of Bronx (Rogue City) is Lannick Gautry, Stanislas Merhar.

Here we share the Full List of (Netflix) Bronx (Rogue City) Cast & Crew, Roles, Release Date, Story, Trailer.

Bronx (Rogue City) Cast

Lannick Gautry As Richard Vronski

Stanislas Merhar As Willy Kapellian

Kaaris As Max Beaumont

David Belle As Zach Damato

Patrick Catalifo As Georges Campana

Jean Reno As Ange Leonetti

Moussa Maaskri As Mario Costa

Catherine Marchal As Katia de Vrindt

Francis Renaud As Franck Nadal

Erika Sainte As Zoé Vronski

Ambre Pietri As Sacha Kapellian

Jeanne Bournaud As Hélène Litvak

Barbara Opsomer As Barbara Leonetti

Cédric Appietto

Virgile Bramly

Dani As Angelica Maranzano

Eriq Ebouaney As Stephan Jankovic

Carl Ernouf As Bri1

Alain Figlarz As Santu Bastiani

Gérard Lanvin As Paul Maranzano

Pierre-Marie Mosconi

Jean-Pierre Sanchez

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Bronx (Rogue City) Director

  • Olivier Marchal

Bronx (Rogue City) Country


Bronx (Rogue City)

Bronx (Rogue City) Distributor


Bronx (Rogue City) Also Known As

Rogue City, Rogue City, Bronx (Rogue City) (2020)

Bronx (Rogue City) Genres

Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller

Bronx (Rogue City)  Language


Bronx (Rogue City) Release Dates

30 October 2020 (Netflix)

Bronx (Rogue City)  Trailer

Bronx (Rogue City) Story

Trapped in the focus of police debasement and Marseille’s fighting posses, a faithful cop must secure his crew by assuming control over issues.



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